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Welcome to Adair Homes

Welcome to the Adair Homes South Puget Sound Office!

We have built thousands of real homes of unprecedented value throughout the Olympia build area. Our success is a direct result of serving our customers and making them successful. Adair was founded to help people achieve homeownership and to help our customers improve their lives. Our Olympia team is deeply devoted to this calling. What we have found is that builders can copy our concept but nobody provides our value.

It's common to see a slew of builders making claims in advertising or in person that are meant to attract a buyer, even if these claims are only sprinkled with truth. We've seen other builders rise and fall over the years operating under these very same tactics. We encourage our prospects to seek these builders out. We encourage prospects to ask them the hard questions. We encourage prospects to compare the value proposition of other builders with Adair's. We encourage this, because we are confident in our service and product. We are confident that when compared side to side, our value proposition (what you really get) is so strong, that people will be willing to drive the extra distance to see Adair. Some people drive to other States to buy a car. Our customers tell us it's more than worth it to drive to Adair for their HOME.

Visit the main Adair Homes website at to see for yourself all the real and life changing benefits of building with Adair. Please feel free to visit our office, walk through a model home, and learn what thousands of others know; Adair Homes is the smart choice.